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Adam Traum was raised Woodstock, N.Y., in a musical family, which shaped his musical world view. His father Happy Traum, a mainstay of the Greenwich Village folk scene, turned Adam on to blues, bluegrass and folk styles while his irreverent teenaged spirit reveled in blues-driven rock. In his early twenties Adam got bit by the Americana bug and there was no turning back. His influences include Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Mississippi John Hurt and Rev. Gary Davis to name a few. He both performs and teaches throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

He also has instructional DVD guitar, mandolin and ukulele lessons on Homespun Music Instruction. Traum's release "Just Like Home" (2012), is an all acoustic collection of songs that have an intimate feel and pays tribute to his musical heritage. He released the "One-takes" (2016) with the Mosey Boys with David Thom and Jack Hines. He is currently in pre-production for a new CD of acoustic music and also recording with his trio Wolf Run..


Adam once jammed with Bob Dylan at his parents' house. He and an exchange student from Korea who Adam played music with in high school were jamming and Dylan invited himself into the jam. A real thrill for both teens. Traum offered up his guitar and was ready to pick up the Hondo II bass but Dylan said he wanted to play the bass. At the end of the jam he said "Hey, you guys are pretty good."

John Sebastian loaned Adam his first electric guitars to try out and played on his CD "Just Like Home."

As a ten year-old piano player (Traum's first instrument), his first gig was opening for Levon Helm and the RCO All Stars at his barn with kids of Levon's, Paul Butterfield, and Ronnie Hawkins. A serious first opening gig!

Before becoming a full-time musician, Adam Traum was a photojournalist for newspapers on both East and West Coasts from 1990-2006. He shot the 1992 Middle East Peace signing at the White House, Jackie O's funeral, pro sports and the 1996 US Olympics as well as a ton of other subjects. His visual sensibility carries over into his songwriting by painting a picture with his lyrics and grooves that convey a sense of time and place. 

Adam is an avid swimmer and loves to work out with his masters group although he is frequently the slowest person in the pool. He swims with some serious sharks. The kind that competed in the olympics and Division I colleges. They are always supportive of him and share their vast knowledge willingly.

Adam enjoys hiking, fishing and spending time in nature. (Jesus, this sounds like a dating app write up. Sorry!)

Adam is a chess nerd. It's a game still vexes him but he does his daily puzzle work out anyway.

Adam has a serious aversion to Billy Joel's music. He's got nothing against him personally and respects his talent. It's a weird biological thing the way the sound of Joel's voice hits Adam's ear. (Sorry Billy Joel fans!)

Bruce Springsteen wasn't a favorite of Adam's growing up but now he is a huge fan and is grateful to have finally seen the light!

Adam wore out Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland in high school trying to figure out what the hell he was doing to sound so sweet. He's still trying but getting closer. 

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