Adam Traum

Americana Roots Singer-Songwriter


For Adam Traum it is about doing right by the song!

Adam Traum is a compelling story teller who wraps his catchy hooks with infectious grooves.The recent spate of material Adam has been writing  evokes images of the Americana landscape spinning tales of heartbreak, beauty, joy and love in a myriad of cohesive styles. He is currently  recording an upcoming CD with Wolf Run as well as a solo release of his quieter material.

Growing up in Woodstock, New York, in a musical family, Traum had a front row seat to music history. He formed his love and fundamental understanding of music watching modern roots/rock pioneers like The Band, John Sebastian and Orleans play their well crafted, soulfully performed songs. At the same time Adam was raiding his father's (Happy Traum) ample record collection listening to masters of blues, country and folk for hours and doing his best to play along. After several full on rock bands, Traum found the truth, beauty and honesty in roots music that can't hide behind tricks and effects. His commitment to excellence in songwriting and musicianship translates to his recorded and live performances.

Adam Traum is proudly carrying on the family tradition his way, cross-pollinating Americana genres, blending folk, bluegrass, outlaw singer-songwriters, country blues, and a touch of jazz in his diverse songwriting and cover arrangements. When he performs live Adam brings his passion for music to the stage with a well-polished show, tasty instrumental chops and a relaxed but powerful voice to match. 

He also has several popular videos on Homespun Music Instruction

Adam Traum on KPIG: One of America's Most Popular Independent Radio Stations

Wolf Run Duo Covers "Miss Ohio"

Recent news

Adam Traum had the pleasure to do two tracks with Happy Traum which will be on his upcoming solo CD "Live From the Cave, Vol. 1" (working title) in addition to Wolf Run continuing to track basics and will be filling in the bones of their debut CD very soon! This crop of songs are among Adam Traum's strongest and things are sounding terrific due in no small part to Jack Hines' deft bass playing and Kendrick Freeman's deep pocket on the drums . Adam is also tracking a new solo CD which will be stripped down and all acoustic capturing his quieter side. You can hear a few SoundCloud Samples here.

Adam will return to teach the first day at Walker Creek Music Camp in April of 2020 located in Western Marin County. Some incredible teachers and good all-around pickers will be there in an experience not to be missed!

It's also that time of year where Adam makes his appearance at in Wilkesboro, N.C.,with Happy Traum playing and helping emcee on the Homespun Stage and playing a few sets with Happy at one of the America's premier music festivals.

Keep your eyes open for his upcoming shows. Traum is keeping busy with bookings in the Bay Area and beyond. He has also started a Patreon website where you can get exclusive content and will have access to his revamped podcast Live From the Kitchen Table.

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