Some of Adam Traum's Go-to Gear

Acoustic Guitars

2015 Circle Strings LG Model
1935 National Style O
2019 Santa Cruz OM Pre War

Electric Guitars
Circa 1982 American Standard Telecaster 

2017 Eastman (F model)

1918 Gibson A-2


2010 Fishman Loudbox 100

Headstrong Lil' King


D'Addario tuner

A. Peat Bat Cave (analog delay)

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ

O.C.D. distortion (An apt product name)

Acoustic Guitar Pickups:

Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend Soundhole Pickup

Fishman Matrix Infinity under saddle pickup

Fishman M300 Nashville Archtop mandolin Pickup

K and K Guitar Pickup